2020: A Year like no Other

2020: A Year like no Other

From March 2020, the world was put on pause due to a deadly virus. Everybody was staying at home, hoarding things from stores, washing hands more often, and was absolutely terrified of the life we were living. We got to see the other face of mother nature as she punished us. Millions of people caught the virus, death rates were increasing and everything was out of control. Slowly, some people adapted to the new lifestyle while others were still petrified. Luckily there are pros in the sea of cons!

With the stay at home order, the use of cars has been limited. There are no longer gasses polluting our air! Many people have also taken up a new hobby, that keeps them busy. As for us, while we stayed at home, the birth of Generosity Bags happened! We had lots of spare time to make sure our environment friendly bags were ready for sale. This year the money for education is needed more than ever! Taking care of nature while giving back, puts a smile on every face!

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